If you find this blog offensive, then you have discovered the point.  If you believe the content on this blog or take it seriously, then you have missed the point.  This is intended to be satire only to highlight a critical error in thinking.

See, true-transsexuals do not like being lumped in with homosexuals or transgendered individuals (men who pretend to be women).  We particularly don’t want lumped with transgendered persons who never get surgery and who practice fetishes that the majority of women don’t practice.  Transsexualism is a correctable disease, but transgenderism is a choice.  Lumping TSs in with TGs and homosexuals is no better than lumping gays in with murderers, arsonists, animal-lovers, and pedophiles.  Either way, it is defamatory and degrading.

Unlike gays and transgenders, true-transsexuals wish to destroy any differences that others may be see and be accepted 100% as normal, mainstream, born-female women (or born-male men).  We don’t want to be pushed into the queer ghetto.  Nor do we want others to express surprise when transsexual women (present as women) do what non-transsexual women do, or when transsexual men (present as men) do what other men do.  We do not wish to be defined by our birth defect, but to destroy it and live as though we never had it, the SAME thing everyone else takes for granted.  Why any true-TS would thumb their nose at their birthright and entitlement of mainstream life and choose a social construct that mocks mainstream life is beyond me.

If you are LGBT and this blog offends you, then you should know how it feels each time a true-TS is asked if they are gay or transgender.  You should know the pain of being lumped in with people who have nothing in common with you.  You should know how it feels for TS women to be assumed to be different from other women.  You should know what it feels like to have the medical condition of TSism to be compared to various sexual choices.

A gay man will not die prematurely if he were to go without sex with another man his entire life, and it would have no detrimental effect on the species.  Similar with lesbian women.  A cross-dressing man or other non-op transgender man who chooses to live his life pretending to be a woman will not die prematurely if never allowed to wear a dress or use makeup.  But true-transsexuals will die without correcting their birth defect and being able to live as though they never had the condition.


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