Pedophiles Angry with Homosexuals

[FNN News]  “Gay people owe us,” says Ivanna Kidd at a pedophile defense rally.  “We defended their lifestyle for years.  It is about time they stop being pedophobes and get behind the GBMP community with us.  Every time our rights come up for vote, they turn their backs on us.”

That is the sentiment of pedophiles everywhere.  They are frustrated by a lack of support by gays and other members who are an integral part of the GBMP community.  “Our attraction to children as adults is every bit as natural as men being attracted to other men.  Yet our brothers and sisters who are gay/les, bestiophiles, murderers, and arsonists don’t treat us like we belong, despite being an inherent part of the same community,” says Dick N. Kidz, pedophilia rights activist.

Gays and lesbians see it differently.  “Lesbian mothers are typically good moms, so why would we support any community who harms our kids?”

Kidz refutes this by saying, “Children need and deserve love, and we are here to give it to them.  Too bad the law is prejudiced against kids and denies them love from adults willing to give it to them.  That is what should be the crime.”

It is a contentious issue, with pedophiles and gays both calling each other bigots, haters, perverts, and other names.

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Hello world!

This is just a satire blog.  True-transsexuals don’t like to be forced in with gays and transgendered persons, so how would gays like being lumped in with murderers, pedophiles, and people who “sleep” with animals?  How would they like it, if whenever gay issues are mentioned, others always bring the topic back to pedophiles?  How would gays like it if pedophiles took over their meetings and accused gays of hate when they don’t fully support pedophile issues?  They won’t like it, so why speak for transsexuals or forcibly include them?

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